New House of Sunny Podcast Launch

New House of Sunny Podcast Launch

This week marks the release of the first episode of the House of Sunny Podcast and a comeback for me. I have been on a hiatus for about a year and a half, through maybe the most awesome time to be a political humorist in the history of mankind. <Sigh> Find out where I’ve been and more on this week’s podcast. Be sure to subscribe!

Next week radio personality, podcaster, and long time friend of the House of Sunny, Bob Davis, will be our special guest.

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#1 The Good News About Comedy and the Culture, plus, where the hell have I been?

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!…as LL Cool J used to say. Awww, yeah!

In this first episode of the brand new weekly House of Sunny Podcast I talk to sidekick Doug from The Rational Capitalist about where I’ve been and what I’m working on. Plus we talk about sexual harassment, (or, he harasses me, I’m not sure, could be that his maleness is just harassing, it’s all a blur.) We get into the current state of comedy and it’s GOOD NEWS. Also, current headlines, where we get it toooooootally wrong on Rand Paul, because, too soon.

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  1. Great to you back girl…missed ya

  2. WOO HOO! The long famine is over! Now, I just need to figure out how to download this.

  3. A delight to listen to your and your friends’ deft wit! Glad to see you back.

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