I’m kind of down and out right now, but not for long.

I'm kind of down and out right now, but not for long.

Four years ago today I was admitted to the hospital, where I would remain for 40 days, fighting a big battle for my life. #Winning! I won. I’m a winner. There’s been so much winning.

Those of you who have been with me since those good old days might remember this post on my situation.

me in hospital

I don’t talk much about it because, snooze. Plus I’m from Minnesota — we only complain about the un-personal stuff that can’t be traced to us, like a snow storm or a wild animal or Uncle Dave’s farts.

It’s been such a long recovery, and my choice to have a baby in the middle of it didn’t help my journey to full health. Many people think that pregnant women and sleep deprived mothers are having the life sucked out of them, but that’s not true, just 10 years or so. Although it is sooooooooooooo worth it. Amiright?

That time on an airplane when she smooshed soft cheese into her hair.

That time on an airplane when she smooshed soft cheese into her hair.

Anyway, the timing is weird, but that old illness just decided to crop up again, AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS FOUR YEARS AGO, which coincidentally was a freaking election year. So here I am again, seriously, dealing with the exact, same, thing, that I went through four years ago.

My plan this year vs. my life this year.

My plan this year vs. my life this year.

The good news is I know what I’m doing, I have a great doctor, and, at least until the end of the year when I get dropped by BlueCross (thanks Obama), I have good health insurance.

The bad news is, I have been put on some medication that takes, oh, just ONE or TWO months to kick in, that’s all.

So, here I lie, waiting…

Aaaaaany day now…(actually, I’m only a week in.)

Getting weaker…

Getting skinnier…

Trying to stay out of the hospital, where it is known you can get a very good, deep sleep, about every 40 minutes or so, after you are awoken by something, usually a roommate pooping loudly into a commode next to her bed, helpfully confirming to you that your olfactory senses are still working in spite of your retched health.

I’ve lost about 7 pounds in two weeks. Great end-of-summer bikini body trick, especially if rib cages are your thing. Send clothes. I’m now size extra small. I’ll be wearing my daughter’s toddler size 2T clothes pretty soon. So hot.

skinny model

So, anyway, I thought I’d let you know since I’m not working and you’re starting to barrage me with emails. I’ve just decided to let it all go, except a few things here and there. I’m keeping my stress level low, focusing on my health and my family life. I am making an appearance tonight, stay tuned for that announcement next, and I’ll probably do some writing.

I hardly read the news right now. It’s so luxurious! I have started reading books again. Not articles. Whole books! Still winning.



  1. Speedy recovery, Sunny!

  2. Marshall Standifer : August 18, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Hi Sunny! Best wishes for a quicker recovery than last time. Maybe you can ask your Doctor to prescribe increased eating as part of your recovery. Under the ACA, I bet you can claim meals as medical costs. Can you imagine the the TV ad? “Ask your doctor if chocolate mint ice-cream is right for you”. Then come all the disclaimers; “Be sure to tell your doctor if you get a brain freeze, as this may be a sign you ate ice-cream to quickly.”

  3. Hope you’re feeling better, Sunny. You are missed.

  4. Marshall Standifer : November 3, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    I hope that after three months the medications are finally kicking in and you are beginning to feel better!

  5. I hope you’re feeling better, Sunny. Merry Christmas.

    PS — We’re lost without you. Seriously.

  6. Ok. That’s enough lying around. We need you to make us laugh, ok? Don’t make me come over there!

    • Dymphna Gates : October 1, 2017 at 6:04 pm

      Oh, if only threats worked. I’d be Ms. Healthy by now. But I miss her, too. Damned shame her energy levels are the pits…

  7. Hope you’re doing better, Sunny. Your wit and good nature are missed.

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