Hey everyone! The people over at STRIVE, in their infinite wisdom, think I too have some, though possibly less infinite, wisdom, to impart to the young, and I must say I wholeheartedly agree!

I can’t wait to boss these Millenials.


I’ll be answering questions about life, career change, comedy, internet businesses…and everything in between.

Everyone is welcome! Register now!


<<<That’s me riding in to save the Republic. Or maybe it’s George Washington.

Join me for a Tax Day Rally in Rochester Minnesota on April 14th where we will celebrate the Tea Party, old and new. I am a featured speaker along with Bob Davis of The Bob Davis Podcasts.

Here’s the flyer. And yes, I know about the typo but I am not a member of the TPP’s so I can’t do anything about it. SHEESH! Calm down you Grammar Nazi’s!

Tax Rally 2014 Flyer

Bob was a guest on SunnyTV not too long ago. If you missed it check it out here.

Put some Awesomesauce on My Monkeyballs! It's the COTR Meet and Greet!

The Chicks on the Right have the greatest fans! And the Chicks are pretty nice too. I was in Indianapolis over the weekend and all I got was this shot glass. (I had to provide my own whiskey.) 😉

I told a few jokes to the best audience ever and had a great time hanging with The Chicks, their fans, and the band Madison Rising. Here’s some pictures:

on stage 3

With the Chicks at the radio station before the event.


With the lovely Daisy at the Meet and Greet. She’s even hotter in person!

amy and me

With some fans.


With the band Madison Rising. Is it hot in here?


Back and Mock’s place getting a final facesmash from the queen of facesmashing.

facemash 2

I will be speaking at THE CHICKS ON THE RIGHT Meet and Greet JULY 20th.

Many of you know I was scheduled to speak at last year’s Chicks On The Right Meet and Greet in Indianapolis but had to bow out because of an illness. This year I am definitely going to be there! Get you’re tickets now. The event is July 20th in Indianapolis. I’m planning to roast the chicks royally and the band Madison Rising will also be there. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

The Chicks were recently featured in USA Today, a real coup for a couple of conservative gals.

Hi subscribers and drifters. I have a few announcements so I’m just lumping them together.

1. My new podcast will drop every Thursday and now I have a special page on this blog devoted to it.

2. I will be interviewed tonight at 7pm EST on the Stupid America radio show. (Noooah, it’s not because I’m stupid!) You can listen live here.

3. I will be a guest on the Roundtable hour with Davis and Emmer this Saturday on Twin Cities News Talk fm 103.5 and am 1130. Tune in! I’m sure it will be entertaining.

4. I will be speaking live at the SW Metro Tea Party Monday February 18th. My topic is We Need a New, Nastier Tone in Washington. Can I get a halleluja? See my Events page for details.

5. Here’s a picture of a cat that looks suspiciously like my Dad’s cat Fred.


Events |
May 09, 2012

I spoke to the SW Metro Tea Party in Chanhassen Minnesota on February 20th and I finally got around to publishing the video of it. It’s a very serious speech called “Deadly Serious, Just Kidding: Using Humor to Fight Evil”. I play a couple of my videos and wax philosophical for y’all.

Meet me in Person!
Events |
February 20, 2012

Meet me in Person!

I will be speaking at the SW Metro Tea Party in Minnesota tonight at 7:00pm. My talk is about how to re-elect Obama…no, wait, that’s a talk I’m giving somewhere else. My talk here will be Deadly Serious, Just Kidding: Using Humor to Fight Evil.

7:00 pm tonight at the Chanhassen MN Rec Center: 2310 Coulter Blvd

Click here for more details.