My latest on PJMedia: Some lessons I learned on parenting by being water-boarded by my child.

Okay, she didn’t really water-board me, but it was still torture. Read the article to find out how. (How’s that for click bait? I’m still learning about it.)

No one talked to me about it. Not a nurse, a midwife, a doctor or my doula, and yet it was the single most difficult thing about my new baby, and when I say difficult, I mean screaming and crying constantly. And that was just me.


This week's SunnyTV with special guest Bob Davis is up!

This week I shook things up and had on my first guest, Bob Davis, formerly of Twin Cities News Talk Davis and Emmer Show, now doing TheBobDavisPodcasts.com. I’ve always had a lot of fun with Bob and I think it comes across. We talk Projection, erections, and the upcoming election. 😀

Here’s the link to the Daily Caller too:

SunnyTV: Projection, erection, and the election [VIDEO]

New Sunny TV - Ep 17 - Canada vs. Santa and other news headlines

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Sunny TV: if you like your laughter, you can keep your laughter

It’s 2016. No one knows who will be president next or even if we’ll have elections. After the success of his massive new redistribution scheme, ObamaCare, President Obama sought to nationalize everything else. Including…comedy. What would comedy be like if you HAD to buy it and the product was proscribed? Well, let’s just say if you like your laughter, you can keep your laughter.

Here’s my latest on The Daily Caller:

SunnyTV: If you like your laughter, you can keep your laughter [VIDEO]

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