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New SunnyTV - My Parody Video of Anti-Gun PSA

Well, I’ve been warning you I was working on something all last week. Here’s the SunnyTV I’ve been promising! I spliced myself into the celebrity packed PSA

Enjoy. Share. etc.

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Shout out to BigFutHat for the graphic. 🙂

Introducing The Daily Sunny, My New Video Series

Hello fellow freedom fighters!

I have been relatively quiet lately because I’ve been working on a new video project, The Daily Sunny, and it’s ready!! Yes, I said daily. Did that make you excited? GOOD!

When you see it you’ll be like, we waited all this time for something so simple? But I assure you, I had some kinks to work out, some (3) FAILS, a week or two of wallowing in my failures, and now I have finally settled on a style and a format that I can do every day. Yay!

That was the real trick. How can I do this every day? I had to abandon editing. I had to abandon my high res camera. I had to abandon lighting, hair, makeup, scripts, being funny…okay, hopefully not.

Today’s topic, should we worry about moderate Muslims’ safety?

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Even though I made a video making fun of him, I like certain things about Trump. I think Americans respond to him on a gut level because of some good things about him and about Americans. However, Trump really is just a fascist when you scratch the surface. He really want’s you to Make America His.

So, without further ado, my little video poking fun of Trump, TRAMP FOR PRESIDENT!!

Hi y’all. It’s been such a long time and it feels so good to have finally finished a new Sunny TV video. Soooooo many times, countless times, I had an idea for a video, I was going to save the world by eviscerating some injustice with my sharp, sarcastic wit, only to be foiled by a poopie diaper. Not mine. Hers.


She’s a year old now so it’s time to get back to business. I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for sticking with me all these months when I was distant, withdrawn, preoccupied. Now I know you truly love me! I have received so many emails and comments asking me, when when when?! It’s meant a lot to me, so thanks, and you can shut up now.

My new video is called White Privilege. If you’re white you have it, you just don’t know it, because your skin color makes you stupid blind. If you’re brown skinned you will enjoy this video because I call on every white person to start recognizing they are indeed special privileged, even though that’s racist. (Just confirming that’s what you want? Seems weird. Email me if I have it wrong.)

In all seriousness, I was inspired to do this video because MTV is on some kind of anti-white hater-a-thon. See here and here. As a white girl with only 1/36th Cherokee in her, I am deeply offended by all this white hate going on, I can’t believe how mainstream it has become, so I’m standing up. After watching MTV’s 13 Things White People Take for Granted I took to my Facebook profile to rant out a few things about it that eventually turned into my new video. Here’s the anti-white video full of racist ass holes, and the accompanying rant for your enjoyment:

Then I said:

A few thoughts on MTV’s anti-white racist bullshit.

Go start your own fucking bandaid company, idiot. How small of a market do you think you’ll have for each box catering to an exact shade of brown? Probably a big enough market to go BANKRUPT! Oh, and newsflash, you can buy clear bandaids. But that wouldn’t give you a reason to hate white people, would it?

I own like 5 black bras. Shut up.

I don’t own anything shaped like a gun, except a gun.

If a black woman can’t find a darker shade of makeup than WHITE she’s not looking. I could show you, but then I’d be accused of putting on black face, wouldn’t I, you racist bitch.

Asian dude who’s not good at math, I’m sorry for you, but HOW THE FUCK IS THAT RELATED TO ME BEING WHITE??

Latino hobbits? Are you saying latino’s are short? You said it, not me.

Don’t get me started on hoodies.

And finally, I do not want to touch your braids. But I know how you feel. A blonde woman on vacation in Mexico has the same problem. But I think YOU would call that WHITE PRIVILEGE.

You’re welcome, white people.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Sunny TV – White Privilege is here.

SunnyTV Store Sale for Tax Day!

I thought I’d give you guys a break and clear out my inventory too. See, Capitalism is WIN/WIN!

For the next couple of weeks, because you have to pay your taxes, I’ve discounted my Best Of DVD to $7 and my T-Shirts to $12.


Now is the time to buy!

If I sell out my stock I’ll get a new design going for Spring/Summer this year. Click here to shop!


Many of you have written to me asking when I’m going to do another video. Answer: Shut up.

Just kidding. Answer: Fuck you.

No, really, just kidding. Answer: I don’t know. I’ve been busy working on my book and doing this:


No, not ballet, silly!!

The other thing.

But ballet too, of course. <Ahem>

It’s surprisingly exhausting having a parasite. I’m beginning to feel like Pregnant Bella Swan. Except I’m not craving blood…yet.


Unless it is the blood of a million Democrats. They say eating the heart of your enemy makes you stronger. I would do it except it would probably cross the placenta and WHO KNOWS WHAT THAT SHIT WOULD DO TO MY BABY! I’m sure it’s poison. She’d probably come out with half a brain.

Did I mention I’m due July 4th? How cool is that! Taking patriotic girl name ideas in the comments below.

So, I guess that was my Official Announcement.

With regard to my book, it’s something I started last year and then put down while I worked on a weekly video. I needed a break from the weekly videos, so I’ve been writing again. I hope I’ll have the book out by Fall. It will all depend on how distracting the little freedom fighter is.

I didn’t expect to take ALL of February off from videos but then all that recycling everyone does reversed Global Warming and we had a second Polar Vortex here in Minnesota so I went to Miami.

First day at the beach!

First day at the beach!

I’m sure I’ll do some videos soon, and as usual you’ll be the first to know!

Thanks for asking. I’m glad I’m missed a little bit. 🙂

Want to edit comedy? SunnyTV is looking for an editor and it could be you!

Good evening my friends.

I am looking for an editor for the weekly SunnyTV episode. In order to expand the projects I can accomplish, in order to make fun of MORE political and cultural absurdities (because let’s be honest it’s hard to keep up), in order to CHANGE THE WORLD…I need help.


See the world, meet interesting guests, laugh at all the outtake footage before you delete it, get rewards and accolades from the industry, all from the comfort of your home computer.

We had to fire this guy cause he couldn’t CRACK a joke. Get it? CRACK a joke?


Please send me an email at if you’re interested. Tell me your background and your availability and how well you meet the below criteria.

What you must have to qualify:

  • A sense of humor – because, you know, timing is everything. Editing for jokes is not the same as straight editing. It’s a subtle art that only a few jedi can do well.
  • Editing experience – I use Final Cut, so that’s preferable, but a sense of humor is more important than software.
  • Independently wealthy – because so far we’re not making SAG wages here at House of Sunny. It’s more like SAD wages.
  • Highly motivated to create funny content and change the world.
  • Good looks – Because it doesn’t hurt

So apply now! I am excited to hear from you.

This week's SunnyTV with special guest Bob Davis is up!

This week I shook things up and had on my first guest, Bob Davis, formerly of Twin Cities News Talk Davis and Emmer Show, now doing I’ve always had a lot of fun with Bob and I think it comes across. We talk Projection, erections, and the upcoming election. 😀

Here’s the link to the Daily Caller too:

SunnyTV: Projection, erection, and the election [VIDEO]

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