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Hello subscribers! If everything is set up right, you should be receiving this email and it should take you directly to my new website, where you can purchase only the greatest American t-shirt ever devised.

Make America Free Again T Shirt

Those of us on the Right know, America is great only because it’s free. Freedom makes us prosperous, strong, and happy. But we’re not free anymore, and that’s why people are so angsty and angry, and stressed out, including me and including people on the Left.

So I made this t shirt to wear my opinion. I want to Make America Free Again. Yesterday I casually put this t shirt out there and it’s sold like hot cakes so apparently you all want to Make America Free Again too. 😀

Buy yours now and wear your opinion (side benefit, you support House of Sunny video production and I have so many exciting things planned for videos this year!)


SunnyTV Store Sale for Tax Day!

I thought I’d give you guys a break and clear out my inventory too. See, Capitalism is WIN/WIN!

For the next couple of weeks, because you have to pay your taxes, I’ve discounted my Best Of DVD to $7 and my T-Shirts to $12.


Now is the time to buy!

If I sell out my stock I’ll get a new design going for Spring/Summer this year. Click here to shop!


House of Sunny Store Grand Opening!!

I am so excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of my store! Spend more than $50 during the launch (ends tomorrow at 5pm Central) and get a free signed Best of SunnyTV DVD which includes an exclusive interview with me! Hear the story of my grandfather teaching me a valuable life lesson with his shotgun and butcher knife. (If you are at OCON I will be at my merchandise table 7/8 from 4-5 and you can get your free DVD in person.)

My awesome tshirts were designed by the creative and ultra cool talent behind MotivePowerSupply.

I can’t wait to add more fun and cool schwag to the mix. Have you ever wanted me to make Habitat for Hamas coffee mugs? Believe me I’ve thought about it. If we sell some stuff we’ll get right on that project!