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Okay so it’s been out a week and I forgot to post it here. I just decided to get the band back together for a one off. We go over the news. No guest. No games. Unless you count the ones Alex plays as a matter of course (passive aggressive!)

Here’s the show description:

Sunny gets the band back together and this week we’re on a mission from God. We discuss Good Friday, Easter, the tv show about naked people in the jungle, and other news stories. Join Sunny with co-host Alex and our beloved sound guy Derrick for the first You Know I’m Right Show in months, and definitely not the last because it’s sure to go viral.

Click the pic and listen in!

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New Podcast Live from OCON

Special guests include Jonathan Hoenig, Adam Mossoff, and a surprise podcast crasher YouTube star Rucka Rucka Ali.

With this episode we are going on hiatus so I can focus on bringing a weekly video series to you all. Thank you for being such great fans of the show. I love doing it and have such a fabulous team that is a pleasure to work with, we will surely be back, and soon, I hope. Until then I hope you enjoy our special hour and a half show.

New Podcast Live from OCON

NEW You Know I'm Right Episode with Evan Sayet

The KinderGarden of Evil with Evan Sayet and Vladimir Putin! – On this week’s Russia themed show, Evan Sayet stops by to discuss Vladimir Putin, his new book–The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks and Why He’s Convinced that Ignorance is Bliss–and a bunch of other amusing non-sequiturs. You know, like how this show normally does things! This show featurs a Russian Government Agency Acronym game for the word VODKA, and Evan takes and fails the Vladimir Putin Quiz while sitting in a loud cafe somewhere in downtown Leningr…., I mean, St. Petersburg. If you want to know more about Mr. Sayet and his book (including how to purchase it), please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaE98w1KZ-c or http://www.evansayet.com.

You Know I'm Right Show Goes NC17

It’s not my fault…well okay, I guess it is my fault since I’m the host. But YOU try to get Big Fur Hat from IOwnTheWorld to talk about what YOU want him to talk about and keep it PG13. Fogetaboutit!!

So you’ve been warned. Go HERE to download or listen online.

EXPLICIT! The NSA, PRISM, Baby Arms, Mall Shooters, & Worse! – Big Fur Hat of IOWNTHEWORLD.com is back! And with him, the show sinks to lows not heard of since Gerard Depardieu boarded that plane after two blocks of brie and a bottle of mid-rate Bordeaux. Seriously though, this show hits some ribald bumps and raunchy valleys not fit for the faint of heart or thin-skinned. If you don’t read this warning and then listen anyway and are offended, listen again and select which ever insult you wish as our apology. There is some funny politics type stuff in the mix as well, we had to give the boys at the NSA something to do! Never fear, the return of run-of-the-mill fart jokes on the next show!

New Podcast Ep - Double Mastectomy of Justice

New Podcast Ep – Double Mastectomy of Justice

Sunny and producer Alex forgoe a guest this week to discuss–or rather laugh at–headlines in the news. Hillary Clinton returns for another interview with Sunny that is as informative and earth shattering as her last interview. And, for the first time ever, the world premiere of a secret audio recording of a Saturday Night Live writers meeting–how did they come up with their angle on the Benghazi hearings? You’ll need to listen to find out!

New Podcast is out. Sunny is joined by the one and only Jonathan Hoenig of Capitalist Pig Asset Management (http://capitalistpig.com/). You can also see Jonathan on FoxNews Channel’s Saturday Business Bloc’s “Cashin’ In.” The gang discusses the media’s inane desire that all terrorism be perpetrated by the TEA Party as opposed to Muslims waging Jihad. More importantly, the world-wide threat of Tasmanian terrorism is uncovered and laid out for all to see. Get ready for laughs, get ready for tears, it’s the You Know I’m Right Show, and we’re fully loaded!

This Funny Shit Offends Me

It has been brought to my attention that I FAILED to post my latest podcast episode on my blog. Sorry about that folks. I know you’re all waiting, starving, for more of my work. It was like not bringing water to a person in the desert and for that I apologize. But here is the link! Our special guest last week was an ACTUAL stand up comic so we had a pretty fun discussion. Subscribe on iTunes to get the podcast on auto-download. <3 <3

On this episode of the You Know I’m Right Show, Sunny is joined by Doug Reich of The Rational Capitalist Blog (www.dougreich.blogspot.com), to discuss the City of New York, Mayor Bloomberg, and the few things that are still legal in the city. A new game that will sweep the nation–“What’s Not Illegal in New York City”–is introduced, hilarious Federal Agency Acronyms for BIGGULP, and the tweet of the week/month (soon to be re-named the IowaHawk Tweet of the Week/Month). The highlight of the show is an intense and entirely serious discussion of Environmentally Conscious Sex Toys and zero-carbon footprint ways to clean the bedroom. Enjoy!

UPDATE: You know you have a bad head cold when you forget to link to the podcast on the post about the podcast. So here’s the link to the podcast: youknowimright.com


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