I was on PJTV's Up or Down Show

It was quite a week for me making my debut on PJTV. I had a great time and met some wonderful people including John Philips, Tammy Bruce, Allen West, and Stephen Kruiser. PJTV’s Up or Down show went particularly well I think as I got more comfortable and especially because my co-guest Stephen Kruiser is also a comedian.

Here’s the link for the show:


I was on PJTV Next Generation with Allen West!

I still can’t believe I met Allen West. He was so nice! Not to mention host John Phillips and the wonderfully opinionated Tammy Bruce. I haven’t even watched this myself yet…it might be hard for me to watch. I’m letting you watch it first.

If you don’t get immediate access to this video when you click this link you can get it by giving them your email. They require sign up after 15  free viewings on their site.


Sunny Lohmann (me) Debuts on PJTV

It’s a very cool and exciting week for your girl Sunny (me). And yes, as I get more famous I will start referring to myself in the third person and also will begin using the royal “we”. But, I promise never to airlift my dog anywhere. He can ride in a mini-van like every other self-respecting dog in America.

So, what is so exciting, you ask? Here is the first of several Trifecta episodes I shot today over at PJTV. I shot 5 Trifectas today. Tomorrow I will be on Next Generation and Thursday I will be on their show, Up or Down. Woop!

UPDATE: SOME ARE HAVING TROUBLE VIEWING THIS VIDEO. You can view it at PJTV’s website here if the below YouTube link doesn’t work.