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My latest on PJMedia: Some lessons I learned on parenting by being water-boarded by my child.

Okay, she didn’t really water-board me, but it was still torture. Read the article to find out how. (How’s that for click bait? I’m still learning about it.)

No one talked to me about it. Not a nurse, a midwife, a doctor or my doula, and yet it was the single most difficult thing about my new baby, and when I say difficult, I mean screaming and crying constantly. And that was just me.


New York Mayor Bloomberg has decided that New Yorkers can’t be trusted to have access to soda served in anything larger than a 16 ounce cup. It’s clear that New Yorkers can’t be trusted in general, so this ban on soda is not so surprising. The New York City Council is now eyeing popcorn and coffee drinks for a possible ban, because hey, if you can ban one thing you can ban everything.

Bloomberg is not the first politician to ban food either. The FDA has been waging a vendetta against “fresh” food for years. Like raw milk and farm fresh eggs and small farm organic produce. The government has decided that unless it’s mass-produced at farms big enough to pay bribes hire a lobbyist, it’s not good for you.

Since we’re banning foods, I want to enter the discussion about what should be banned. I think I have some great ideas on that score. Here are 4 foods that should be banned. Are you listening Big Brother?!

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Forget Gold, Buy Twinkies and Bullets

What are you going to do to hedge against the coming collapse?

I have some advice for you over at PJ Media today:


“Why hedge the coming economic collapse with GOLD when you can do it with Twinkies?

With tens of millions of people out of work, utterly stagnant economic growth, and increasing government intervention (always an economy killer, duh! If it wasn’t an economic disaster the USSR would be the most successful country on earth and instead it’s not doing very well gone! Or North Korea, you know, that bastion of central planning and control, better known as the country that doesn’t have any lights! But I digress…) many Americans are worried about what to do if and when an economic collapse occurs. All the experts on TV and in the papers are saying inflation and other dire consequences are imminent, and they seem to have some evidence to back it up.

How does the average person plan for this? How does one prepare for Argentinian style economic collapse? Myriad ads tell us to buy gold. Gold is a great hedge for inflation, it used to be our money and it was stable, yadda yadda yadda. I have to admit, gold is shiney and pretty, which is a point in it’s favor. But we no longer have an infrastrucure for using gold as money and it would take some time for that to redevelop. in the mean time you might be starving. So  I say, better to hoard Twinkies and bullets.”

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6 Facts It's Okay to Forget You Know

My latest article at PJ Media is up! Here’s the intro:

I try to live a rational life: paying attention to facts, never pretending they don’t exist, even if the facts in question are uncomfortable for me. I think this philosophy makes my life better. I’m smarter and I make better decisions. However sometimes it’s okay to completely,  utterly, and purposefully forget certain facts. We are talking about total mental suppression of reality which is normally very bad policy, but in these six cases I lay before you, I submit it is perfectly okay.

Periodically something may happen that reminds me of something I pretend not to know and then I come face to face with the fact that I have this habitual evasion going on. As soon as I realize that I promptly force myself to forget it again. After you read this article, just forget it.

Read at your own risk! Go no further if you are not willing to lie to yourself!

#1: People go Pee In Pools

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PJ Media Wants More Sunny!

Of course they do…doesn’t everybody?

As of this week each Wednesday PJ Media will publish an article and several humor blog posts of mine. Here’s the catch…they are NON-POLITICAL. What??!!! That’s right, you heard it here first. I can actually be funny and not political at the same time. (I must admit it’s not as fun though.) It turns out I have snarky things to say and opinions to deliver to the masses that have nothing to do with politics. Who knew.

Don’t fret, I’ll still write the political stuff too.

My first article, 7 WRONG Ways to Decide Your Life’s Career, should be coming out this Wednesday along with two or three additional blogs posts. You didn’t know I was a Certified Life Coach with the credentials to back up such an article? Oh, well that’s because I’m not and I can’t. Unless you count my PhD from the School of Hard Knocks combined with a clear and logical Objectivist mind. (They hand out special brains at the Objectivist conferences once you’ve finished reading Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by Ayn Rand.)

Anyway, stay tuned. I’ll post the links!

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