Birth Announcement - FINALLY!!!

I thought I would be able to write this post much, much sooner (more on that later.)

Five weeks ago on July 17th I welcomed my beautiful daughter Lucia (pronounced LOO-sha) into the world. Were you expecting me to name her George Washington? Get over it.

Over a week after her due date, and after a three day labor and delivery, she graced my life with her presence. I think it’s clear she is determined to push the boundaries on fashionably late. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have given birth to a DIVA. Did you expect anything else?

Here’s a hospital selfie. Exhausted, proud mom. Happy baby.


She’s been working on her impressions. So far she’s nailed these two:

Here she is imitating the crab on her shirt. She calls this one "crab."

Here she is imitating the crab on her shirt. She calls this one “crab.”


Here she is imitating me. What a cheeky monkey!!

Here she is imitating me. What a cheeky monkey!!

Everyone said being a new mom would be hard. I was warned. But hard is relative. If “hard” to me before was a week long canoe trip in the freezing rain, climbing a fourteener, working a job I hated for months on end, or spending 40 days in the hospital and 8 months recovering after that, then I had no idea what “hard” was.

However, I’m well compensated. Because, this:


I am going to start doing some comedy vids very, very soon. Many of you have kindly written to me telling me your life is EMPTY without my videos, and I thank you. I will work on getting going soon. Not happening until I find the time to get my hair cut though.


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January 06, 2014

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Thought I’d share it with you so you can see my most popular posts this year, in case you missed one.

Happy New Year!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 54,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 20 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Ho ho ho! from House of Sunny

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for supporting me and my videos this year. Thanks to all of you who have bought my merchandise and/or donated to me this year. It is very much appreciated! Now go eat cookies and chocolate, drink whiskey spiked egg nog, enjoy the twinkly lights, the music, the warmth of family, and of course, the presents. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

DONATE NOW & get a randomly selected book from my personal collection.

I am getting rid of a bunch of books. I know, that’s blasphemy to some of my fellow bibliophiles out there. I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks and honestly, they’re the heaviest thing I own, and it’s a real pain in my butt so if I can lighten the load a little I will. You can help!

For a limited time, until I run out of books I don’t want, each person who makes a donation to House of Sunny over $10 will get a randomly selected book from my PERSONAL collection signed over to you from me. You might get best seller, “Game of Thrones” or you might get snooze fest “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”. Either way you will support my comedy and you’ll have something funny to show for it.

This deal starts…NOW!!

Go! Donate! ————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>

At the very great risk of filling the stadium so full we’ll have to cancel the event, I’m going ahead and announcing I will be speaking in Los Angeles for the group Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. Ok, it’s not a stadium, it’s actually a very intimate venue, so if you want to come and support this great group and meet me and laugh while I crack a few, jokes not beers, then come on out! Go to this site to buy a ticket. Below are some deets. Hope to see you there!



Using Humor to Fight Evil

An evening with Sunny Lohmann, founder and editor of House of Sunny

Saturday, May 11, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Private home in Woodland Hills, California
(Location details provided upon registration)

A talk by political humorist Sunny Lohmann whose mission it is to fight the evil ideas spreading through our culture using her own brand of wicked humor. Sunny will attempt to convince even the most humorless among you why it is important to laugh at the enemy while simultaneously beheading him with good ideas.

Sunny Lohmann is a conservative entertainer known for her intellectual humor, sarcasm, and satire. She is a humor contributor to PJ Media and a viral YouTube sensation whose well reviewed and traffic generating satirical videos are regularly featured on top conservative blogs. Sunny is also a stand-up comedian and speaker for political functions and philosophical events. Her humor and intellectual take on current events combine for a unique political entertainment that is truly one of a kind.

$15 per person –  cash or check at the door

I will be on the real radio, not the podcast radio, today from 2-4pm CST. If you have iHeart radio you can find it, or you can listen live on the station’s website, or download it later. I don’t recommend that last one because you will probably forget and then you’ll miss something charming, clever, hilarious, informed, not to be missed, sassy, funny, smart, genius actually, cool, sophisticated yet silly, incredible, shockingly good, fabulous, fascinating, brilliant, awesome, totally tubular, so good as not to be believed.



Dear friends and fans,

This is the most important Kickstarter of the year! It’s not a movie, or a book, or a Sunny Lohmann Comedy Hour DVD (I’ll hit you up for that one later); it is infinitely more important.

YOU can help me save a young, intellectual, freedom fighter’s LIFE!

Joshua Lipana has been a philosophical, political, activist blogger since he was 15. He has been writing for The Objective Standard magazine for years and is currently an Assistant Editor. My dear young friend Josh, after winning his “bloody war”, as he calls it, with cancer last year has relapsed before he was even fully recovered, and he once again needs financial help.


We are always talking about getting our ideas out into the youth culture. Well, this Kickstarter project does just that, but with guaranteed results! Not only can I guarantee you one young person will understand and accept completely the value of the individual, but he will spend his life influencing others. He has devoted his life to spreading and promoting the important ideas that you and I hold dear.

Rand Atlas Shrugged 209

My Kickstarter analogy is meant to make you think about the things you have supported over the years – the exciting political, intellectual, and cultural projects we have all supported. Please weigh those donations against this one when deciding how large it should be.  In other words, make it BIG! I can’t offer you a t-shirt or a DVD, but if you donate $10,000 or more Josh will get a tattoo with your name as Citizen Producer*.

*Just kidding. I will.**

**Just kidding.

I ask you to think about what one important life can do, what one amazing man can do in the cause for truth and justice. How much is such a life worth?

Please help me save this ONE incredibly valuable life.

He has done so much with his young life already, imagine what he will do with the rest of his life once he wins it back, as he can and will with our help.

DO NOT DELAY. He lives in the Philippines where you can’t just get treatment and worry about payment later. He must pay as he goes. PLEASE donate as large as you can as soon as you can.  We have an urgent need as the hospital is delaying a critical procedure until they get 80% payment. Donate through his GoFundMe page which has been re-opened since his battle last year.

Thank you for your generosity.



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